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Message from Darlington District Data Champion, Rebecca Catford
Hi! I have been nominated by the District to be the Data Champion. If you have questions about GDPR or are not sure what you should be doing, do contact me at the District Office on 01325 468119 or

I attended the training session on 22 May in Manchester, which I found very helpful. There is another session on 12 June 2018 in London. There is also material available from the training session on the Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes website).

We don't need to send consent forms out to everyone!
Consent is only one reason why we might hold someone's data. There are other reasons we can use data and we don't always need to ask for consent. We need consent when we make personal data available to members of the general public e.g. by leaving directories in the church porch or putting them on a website. TMCP have produced guidance notes to help identify why we are holding people's data.... Read more

Privacy Notice
TMCP have produced a Privacy notice. All districts, circuits and churches need to adopt this. It is not a template so we should not adapt it. You may have noticed that the consents form referred to the Privacy Policy/notice, this is it!
Privacy Policy
What's next?
We need to work out what data we hold across the churches, circuits and districts. You may have already started this in your circuit. This is called data mapping. Once we work out what data we are holding and why, we will be able to work out who we need to ask for consent or where we just need to point people to the privacy policy. We also need to make sure that we are holding data securely and not collecting more data than we need to achieve our purpose.

The law comes into force on 25 May but we aren't expected to be fully compliant by then. We do need to show we are taking steps protecting the people, whose data we hold.

Thank you for all you are doing already!


Darlington District Data Champion
01325 468119

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