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Synod 2021 Dates

11th of September 2021

What is Synod?
Synod is the place where policy is set. It provides a link between the wider Methodist Church and local churches and groups of churches (circuits). There are two meetings of synod: one for all representatives and one meeting only for presbyters.

Who can attend?

Election of Representatives:
Nominate a representative to next year's Methodist Conference by downloading and completing form shown on the right hand side of the page. Hard copies of the form have also been sent out with the synod handbook and directory.

The number of representatives from each District eligible to attend the Methodist Conference is determined by the previous Conference. The number of representatives from the Darlington District for the 2019 Conference is six. This does not include the Chair of District. Of these, three must be presbyters or deacons and three lay people. The Synod has agreed that the Synod Secretary should always be a representative to Conference. The Conference is required to be at least 50% lay.
The District recognises the benefits of representatives attending Conference for more than one year. The District policy is:
that names of those attending the previous four Conferences shall be notified to the Synod before the annual election.
Synod shall be reminded of the District's view of the benefit of attendance at Conference for more than one year
a representative, other than Synod Secretary (SS), shall not be elected for more than three consecutive years.
Please note that the Conference encourages Districts to elect at least one representative under 30 years of age.

Ministers and deacons in active work and probationers are entitled to receive from their circuit stewards the amount of their expenses for attending the Synod. Lay Representatives of Circuits attending the Synod may, if they desire it, claim their travelling expenses from the Circuit Stewards.
Supernumeraries and ministers and deacons without appointment are entitled to receive from the Secretary of the Synod the amount of their expenses for attending the Synod.

Notices of Motion are the means by which members of the Synod may themselves raise an issue for discussion. They must be submitted in writing to the Chair and the Synod Secretary fourteen days before the date of the Synod and the Secretary shall ensure that they are printed and distributed to the members of the Synod not later than its opening. Only on matters of urgency and by express permission of the Synod may notices of motion be submitted during a session of the Synod. There must be a proposer and a seconder.

The Synod shall allow observers to attend the proceedings of the Synod, subject to the following: the permission of the Synod observers may not vote on any issue the Chair may allow an observer to speak on a particular issue if he/she deems it appropriate

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