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We have many different meetings where decisions are made.

District Synod

Synod is the place where policy is set. It provides a link between the wider Methodist Church and local churches and groups of churches (circuits). There are two meetings of synod: one for all representatives and one meeting only for presbyters.

Presbyteral Synod
This is a meeting for all Methodist presbyters. It meets once a year, usually in March.

Representative Synod
Representative Synod meets twice a year in the Spring and Autumn.

District Policy Meeting

Who does it include?
One representative from each circuit; superintendent ministers from each circuit may also attend but only the appointed representatives may vote. The committee is led by the Chair of the District. Other district officers, including the Synod Secretary and Treasurer are also members.
What is it focus?
It looks at matters that affect the whole of the district including the closure and sale of church buildings.

District Vision and Strategy Team

Who does it include?
District Chair, Deputy Chairs, Synod Secretary, a representative from the regional Discipleship Ministries and Learning Network, and the coordinators of the four District networks.
What is it focus?
The purpose of this meeting is being reviewed along with the wider mission of the district.

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