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Those in Group 1 (Regulated Activity) who require an enhanced criminal record check plus barred list check

Methodist ministers:
* ordained presbyters and deacons
* candidates for the ministry
* probationer ministers
* supernumerary ministers capable of preaching/pastoral ministry

Work with children:
* youth workers
* children's workers
* managers of youth and children's workers
* music leader where the choir / music group is mainly with children or young people
* any role that includes supervision of children or young people under the age of 18
* drivers of young people or children where the driving is organised by the church

Work with vulnerable adults.
* pastoral visitors where the role includes direct feeding, physical care, or assistance with financial matters
* driving (organised by the church) to medical or social care appointments


Those in Group 2 (substantial contact) who are likely to require an enhanced criminal record check without a barred list check

Work alongside parents:
* those working with children in the presence of their parents, carers, or supervisors,
* family worker
* leader of parent & toddler groups
* Messy Church leader

Previous definition of Regulated Activity
* members of church council and circuit meetings especially senior stewards and safeguarding officers
* visitors into schools e.g. Open The Book volunteers.

Substantial work with children.
* those working with children or young people where either the period condition (frequent, intense, overnight) is not met or where there is sufficient supervision.
a) a volunteer youth worker whose turn on the rota is only every other week (not frequent)
b) creche worker who is never alone with children and whose work is always directly supervised

Substantial work with vulnerable adults
* those working with vulnerable adults where the role is substantial (Group 2) but does not fit the criteria for Regulated Activity
* some lay readers, worship leaders and local preachers
* drivers for church activities
* pastoral visitors/ assistants / home visitors

Those whose role is unlikely to be eligible for an enhanced criminal record check — but will still need careful recruitment and attention to safe working practice.

Safeguarding Officers
* Church Safeguarding Officers
* Circuit Safeguarding Officers
* District Safeguarding Officers

Limited or no contact with children or vulnerable adults.
* welcome teams
* refreshment servers
* flower arrangers
* gardener
* caretaker
* choir leader/musical director
* organist
* choir members

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