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Course structure
This course is split into three parts:
1. Essential preparation (1 hour 30 minutes)
>> You need to work through the booklet before attending the main part of the course.
2. Core learning session (4 hours 30min) — this is the session run by regional trainers.
3. Handbook (a resource for further study)

Booking is essential. Book your place here.

Getting ready for the course checklist
1. Book your place. Booking closes two weeks before the course.
2. Read through essential preparation booklet. Paper copies of the booklet are available in your circuit
3. Find out where you going and what you need to bring. This information will be sent to you with the electronic copy of the booklet.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long will the course take? Can I leave early?
We have allowed four and a half hours for the course. In order to receive a certificate at the end of the course, you need to engage with all the material including the full core session and the essential preparation.

I haven't yet attend the Foundation Safeguarding Module. Can I attend the Advance Module first?
No; the Advanced Module builds on work covered in the Foundation Module. Whatever role you are in, you need to attend the Foundation Module first. If you have done the foundation module more than four years ago, then you need to attend a refresher module. These are run by your local circuit safeguarding trainers. If you are not sure who these are, please contact your minister or circuit safeguarding officer.

I have already completed safeguarding training for my work or as part of another organisation. Do I need to attend?
Yes; there is currently no recognised equivalent course as the training relates to roles within the Methodist Church. Furthermore, the aim of the training is to create a culture where we are sensitive to the needs of individuals and aware of the risks present in every congregation. Within the course, there is space to share and ask questions so that we can benefit from the experiences that we all have, particularly around safeguarding in other contexts.

I can't come to the course on a weekday. Will other times be offered?
Yes. In Spring 2019, the Advance Safeguarding course will be hosted by local circuits. Across the district, there will be a variety of days offered. It is hoped that there will be something to suit as many people as possible. If you can't attend the session offered in your circuit, hopefully there will be another course nearby that you can attend.

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