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Everyone needs a role description!

Whether working in a paid or voluntary capacity, everyone needs to be clear what they are doing. This is important to keep everyone safe. Depending on what work is involved, DBS checks may be needed. See below for a checklist of what is needed when recruiting anyone to a position of responsibility within the church.

Describe the work

Ensure you have a written outline for the role. If it is a paid role this should be a formal job description / person specification. If it is a voluntary role, you may prefer a simple role outline.

Decide which group this role fits into.

The Group is determined by the level of contact with children, young people (under 18s) or vulnerable adults — see Eligibility Circles picture on this page and also the lists in Appendix 2.

For more guidelines about safer recruitment of staff and volunteers see the Safeguarding Policy, Procedures and Guidance for the Methodist Church.

Safeguarding Declaration Forms
All people nominated or holding positions in the Methodist Church must sign a confidential declaration. Follow the links above to download the forms:
Declaration for office holders — vulnerable groups
This is for new roles working/volunteering with Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults
Declaration for office holders — no vulnerable groups (Form C)
Office holders not working/volunteering with Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults
Renewal declaration for office holders — vulnerable groups
Existing office holders working/volunteering with Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults

Volunteer with Vulnerable Groups — Form A
If you are working with vulnerable groups, you will also need to complete these forms.
Registration — Form A Part 1
Role outline — Form A Part 2

Keyholder Declaration — Form D
The Methodist Church is not obliged to give anyone access to church premises unless access to the premises is required as part of their role or for regular hire of premises. Before the keys can be issued the key holder is asked to sign the declaration and acknowledge the conditions of issue.

Example Role Outlines for volunteer and paid lay workers
Follow the link above to find job descriptions and person specifications for lay worker roles.

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