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Deadline: Friday 12 April 2019

Where should they be sent?
Applications for Authorisations to Preside at the Lord's Supper for approval at the 2019 Conference should be submitted to the Conference Office for the attention of Ann McGovern by Friday 12 April 2019.

How should they be sent?
They can be sent by email or post. Electronic signatures are fine and we do not require a hard copy in the post unless it is easier for you to send the circuit plan by post. The list of the authorisations approved at the 2018 Conference can be found here:please check List C so that the necessary renewal applications can be submitted.

All applications are for one year only but authorisations for probationer presbyters and lay persons roll over each year for a maximum of three years before a further application needs to be made, unless the committee is otherwise notified. In such cases the authorised person moves from List A to B and eventually to C on the Conference Report.

NEW: The forms have been redesigned. You can find them at the below the picture on this page.

Lay people or deacons
For lay people or deacons, a note (possibly the minute of the circuit meeting at which the nomination was made) is required indicating her/ his general competence, gifts and graces in leading worship and understanding of the sacrament of the Lord's Supper. If a renewal is sought beyond the initial or subsequent three-year period, a further application will need to be made and the usual process will apply. In the case of a deacon, however, the authorisation is only granted in exceptional circumstances and therefore it is for one year only while alternative arrangements are put in place. The deacon will therefore not be moved to List B once the year is over. As a consequence it would be necessary for a further application to be made if alternative arrangements have not been made.

Missional Criteria
Please support any applications made under the missional criteria (including Fresh Expressions) by answering the questions on the form as thoroughly as possible to ensure the Authorisations Committee has all the information it might need in its deliberations.

Incoming probationer presbyters
Please ensure that the first part of the form is completed by the Circuit with all the relevant information (this information is contained within the stationing profile) and then sent on to the District for completion (copied to Ann McGovern for information so that she can track) then sent back with all the required signatures to Ann.

Renewals SO 011(5)(a)
In order for an authorisation to be renewed for a second or third year, the District Policy Committee should be satisfied that the person concerned remains suitable and that the circumstances of the circuit have not changed (ie that the criteria for deprivation are still met) and the Authorisations Committee will support that renewal without the need for any further investigation. District Policy Committees will need to check the impact of any circuit reorganisations on the deprivation figure. We will therefore keep names on the list for a second and third year, unless we hear otherwise from the District. In the case of probationers, we will remove the names based on their expected date of ordination.

If an emergency application has been sought during the year 2018-2019 and is still required from 31 August 2019 then a fresh application will be needed.

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