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District Officers' Expenses

Lay officers of the District
— may claim reimbursement of all reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of their duties, including travel costs (up to 45p per mile for travel by car, where public transport is impractical or more costly).
— Please book inter-city train journeys as far in advance as possible, so as to take advantage of the cheapest available fares.

Ordained officers of the District
— Ministers, deacons and probationers who hold a district office will normally claim from their circuits for telephone costs and short or infrequent car journeys on District business
— may wish to seek reimbursement from the District of other travel costs, postage, stationery, photocopying etc.

The claim form attached has been designed for the use of all District officers.

What do I need to include?
Car mileage claims should specify:
— the journey involved
— the reason for it
— the distance covered and the rate claimed (a separate spreadsheet detailing more than one journey can be attached to the claim form).

All other expenses (other than occasional postage, but including photocopying costs) must be supported by an invoice/receipt.

By when do I need to send in my expenses?
Please submit your claims promptly, but in any event within three months in the case of travel expenses and within six months in respect of incidental expenses.

Synod Expenses
Ministers and deacons in active work and probationers are entitled to receive from their circuit stewards the amount of their expenses for attending the Synod. Lay Representatives of Circuits attending the Synod may, if they desire it, claim their travelling expenses from the Circuit Stewards.

Supernumeraries and ministers and deacons without appointment are entitled to receive from the Secretary of the Synod the amount of their expenses for attending the Synod.

Expenses for District Meetings

It has usually been understood that where it is an occasional meeting, and the meeting moves round, the churches graciously offer hospitality. Evidently that is different for regular use.

Where there is regular use of more than three meetings per connexional year then the following applies: -

From, and including the fourth meeting, the District will make a donation/payment of £20 per session where a session is deemed to be either morning, afternoon or evening. Therefore a meeting that lasts from say 9 am to 9pm equals three sessions with the donation/payment being 3 times the agreed amount per session.

Where Circuits are unable to find church premises to hold the District Synod meeting and have to hire suitable premises then the District will contribute up to 50% of the hire costs. A copy of the estimate should be forwarded to the District Treasurer for approval prior to agreement of the let. A copy of the paid invoice is to be forwarded to the District Treasurer, who will arrange reimbursement to the Circuit involved.

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