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District Networks support key areas of the district's work and provide a channel of accountability for district officers. The four areas are:

1) Communications and advocacy

a) The communications network is supported through the work of the District Administrator.

b) Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring good communication within the district and between the district and the rest of the Methodist Connexion, ecumenical partners, the media and the world.
  • Maintaining the district website.

c) Areas covered: Communications, Website, Media, Community relations, Ecumenical and Connexional links.

2) Use of Resources

a) Coordinator: Maurice Aspey

b) Responsibilities:

  • Property matters for which the district is responsible;
  • Allocation of grants;
  • Considering appropriate stationing;
  • Examining Circuit Advance Funds each year and recommending any sharing of resources needed to further the work of God's mission

c) Areas covered: Property, Manses, Finance, Grants, Stationing, Ecumenical, Equalities and diversity and Lay Employment

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3) Learning and Development

a) Coordinator: John Henry

b) Responsibilities:

  • To consider all training needs in the district that can be met by people in the district and can then be shared with the Regional Training Forum through the Training Officer.

c) Areas covered: enriching ministry, training, exploring discipleship and vocation (including Local Preachers, Candidates, Probationers), Ecumenical, Women's Network and Safeguarding.

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4) Ministry and Mission

a) Coordinator: Mark Bagnall

b) Responsibilities:

  • To encourage and develop work that enables churches and circuits to engage in God's mission in the world;
  • To oversee the work of Local Preachers and Worship Leaders;
  • To oversee reviews of ministers' development
  • To encourage the involvement of all God's people in God's mission

c) Areas covered: Mission and Evangelism Team, Local Preachers and Worship Leaders, Ecumenical partnerships, Annual Development Review, Children & Young People, Student Work, International Mission, Urban Life, Rural Life, Creative Arts, Public, economic & International Issues, Women's Network and Education

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