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Find out what a Fresh Expression is here. You can also get inspiration, resources and get connected through the FX website.

Interested in developing Fresh Expressions in your local area? Find out more about the six week course below.

Mission Shaped Course

Find and more and download the course here.

To encourage and develop more mission minded disciples there is a six session Mission Shaped Intro Course for use in your circuit. Six weeks to rediscover mission and re-imagine church.

New world, new church? Our world and our lives have changed radically in the last twenty years, but has the church adapted to this change?

Do we need a changed church for a changing world? Are new forms of church really possible? If so, how can they be developed?

Recently refreshed and redesigned, mission shaped intro explores the 'why' of creating fresh expressions of church rather than the 'how'.

The six-week course takes you on a journey looking at the ever-changing nature of our social communities and explores why the church needs to rethink its approach to those communities in meaningful and relevant ways.The 90-minute sessions are delivered through presentation, movie clips and stories with active group participation. It is ideal for those who are starting from scratch as well as those who have attended a vision day or who are maybe thinking about joining the mission shaped ministry course.

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