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Safeguarding Training

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We have a number of Advanced Module Online Gathered Sessions available.
 Monday 16th September 7pm
Tuesday 22nd October 10am
Thursday 24th October 7pm
Tuesday 5th November 7pm
Thursday 7 November 10am
Tuesday 3rd December 10am
Tuesday 3rd December 7pm
Wednesday 22nd January 10am
Saturday 25th January 10am
Thursday 27th February 10am
Thursday 27th February 7pm
Saturday 1st March 10am
Tuesday 4th March 10am
Saturday 5th April 10am
Monday 12th May 10am
Wednesday 14th May 7pm
Monday 9th June 7pm
Wednesday 11th June 10am
Monday 7th July 7pm
Tuesday 12th August 7pm

Please book your place here.
Registrations close 30 days before the event to allow enough time to receive and complete the self study materials before attending the zoom session.

There needs to be a minimum of 8 people registered for the gathered session to take place.

Any queries please contact Rachel Bourne: neregsafe.office@gmail.com

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